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Groover Roofing and Siding Services

Groover Roofing and siding specializes in the following services:

Residential Roofing  – Shingle Roofing is the most economical choice for most home owners. These roofing materials are primarily composed of reinforced fiberglass mat and asphalt.

Commercial Roofing – We not only understand the latest in technologies, materials, and methods, but appreciate the entire scope of commercial construction and the various elements involved.

Siding Installation – Vinyl siding is the number one choice of exterior cladding across the country. It is available in a variety of colors, profiles and trims to assist architects, builders, and homeowners in customizing both new and old construction.

Window installation and window replacement – Our energy efficient windows and expert installation techniques will save you money on your energy bills, reduce condensation, and beautify your home.

Door Installation and door replacement – Replacing the front door to your home will  increase both your property value and curb appeal.

Chimney repairs – We will inspect your chimney as part of the roof inspection. If your chimney needs repaired, we do chimney rebuilds too!

Spouting – Aluminum is the most popular metal used for spouting. It is a low cost, easily maintained solution for today’s homes. In addition, it will not rust and has a lifetime expectation of many years.

If you have questions about any of our roofing contractor services, and you live in the Youngstown Ohio or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact us.