Aluminum is the most popular metal used for spoutings. It is a low cost, easily maintained solution for todays homes. It will not rust and has a life expectancy of many, many years. Available in a variety of colors, Aluminum is the product of choice for most residential homes.

Spouting Installation

Heavy .032 gauge seamless spouting is all we use, in either 5 inch or 6 inch widths.

SEAMLESS SPOUTING not only look great, but when spouting are installed professionally, they channel water away preventing potential damage to your home.

Advantages of having .032 (strongest gauge) aluminum seamless spouting are:

  • Roof water stays away from foundation
  • No seams – No leaks
  • Won’t crack from constant exposure to heat and cold
  • Reduces humidity in basement
  • Protects siding; thus eliminating water streaks
  • Flower garden and shrub protection
  • Protects your patio, steps, and walkway
  • Increases property value
  • Worry free solution

Some of the advantages of working with Groover Roofing & Siding professional EXPERIENCED installers are:

  • We use only .032 gauge aluminum with baked-on enamel finish in many colors
  • Flashing that is installed properly will help direct water into the spouting
  • Aluminum spouting guard – LEAF RELIEF by Alcoa – prevents spouting clogging.

Complex, multiple roof lines are not a problem for Groover Roofing & Siding professionals

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